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Services We Offer

At Royal Haven Medical Providers has a wide variety of services to assist you and your loved ones with your healthcare needs.

We “Royal Haven Medical”  believe in providing the best care  at a patient’s home. Our effort is to always provide the finest medical care in a prompt and efficient manner to ensure patient satisfaction.

❖ In House Calls, Group Homes & Assisted Living Visits

In-home doctor visits can be customised according to the patient’s need and may include any combination of the services listed above. By providing in-home health care, our Royal Haven Medical doctors are able to provide better continuity of care for patients who might not otherwise have access to regular or reliable healthcare services.

The main benefit of in-home medical care for the elderly is that it helps keep patients out of hospitals, emergency rooms, and nursing homes.

In order to qualify for in-home doctor visits, There are a wide variety of potential reasons, but some of the most common include the following:

  • Mobility problems such as disability or injury
  • Lack of transportation (or access to transportation)
  • Vision problems that make driving or traveling dangerous
  • Mental health problems or memory problems (such as Alzheimer’s)
  • Multiple chronic conditions with complex management

❖ Primary Care Services, Evaluation and Assessments

Royal Haven Medical primary care providers not only help with your comfort level, but they also build on your health history. Knowledge of your health history, as well as your family health history, is imperative for prevention of diseases and also helps your doctor catch early symptoms of serious conditions

  • Comprehensive Review of Medical History
  • Medical Evaluation and Management
  • Home Safety Evaluation
  • Preventive services
  • Proper disease diagnosis
  • Ongoing care for common illnesses
  • Caring for chronic conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes & Arthritis etc..
  • Annual checkups
  • Screening for common age-related conditions
  • Can provide recommendations to a specialist when needed

❖ Chronic Disease Management

The benefits of CCM are vast, especially for patients. Preventative care with extended resources leads to overall better health and access to care. Access to care leads to less hospitalizations and emergency room visits, ultimately reducing overall healthcare spending

Chronic Care Management (CCM) as a critical component of primary care that contributes to better health and care for individuals.

CCM Services which includes:

  • Initiating Visit
  • 24/7 Access & Continuity of Care
  • Comprehensive Care Management
  • Comprehensive Care Plan
  • Management of Care Transitions
  • Home- and Community-Based Care Coordination
  • Patient Consent

❖ Coordinate Delivery of Ancillary Services

Home Health, Hospice & Palliative Care Coordination is part of what we do at Royal Haven Medical. We refer to Home Health and Hospice Agencies for patient care services.

Related Services

  • Coordination of Nursing, Home Health Aide, Physical, occupational, speech therapies or social work services
  • Ordering and coordinating Laboratory Workup
  • Arranging for EKG, Radiology, and ECHO services
  • Coordination of DME supplies ordered through your home health agency or other sources

❖ Medication Management

One of the most critical aspects of recovery is taking medications as directed. Royal Haven Medical  doctor and nurse practitioner help patients make sure they are taking the right medicine and the right dosage, at the right time, and according to the doctor’s orders. This includes organizing medicines and setting up reminders to keep patients on track.

To request for a house call, please call (817) 400-0433.

  • Assist in developing medication schedule
  • Review medication regimen
  • Create complete list of all prescribed and over-the-counter medicines the patient is taking
  • Educate patient and/or caregiver on proper dosage, frequency & side effects
  • Evaluate response to medications and effectiveness
  • Communicate with patient’s doctor for optimum outcome

❖ Telemonitoring Services (Rpm)

The benefits of the Telemonitoring program to patients include

  • Decreasing hospital readmissions
  • Decreasing unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Decreasing travel expenses, and time
  • Decreasing time away from work.
  • Decreasing healthcare cost
  • Improving management and monitoring of chronic Medical conditions
  • Improving overall patient health and outcomes
  • Improving constant communication between patients and physicians